How to Update the Firmware

Update the micro:bit Firmware

What is micro:bit firmware?

Firmware is a special piece of software that makes a device wor roperly. The Micro: Bit has two chips on the back, one runs your code hile the other runs the firmware to enable you to program the device.

Micro: Bit can be used with the accompanying firmware, thereby if yo on’t need to update it, please come back to our micro: bi unction guide.

Sometimes you may need to update your firmware to test new softwar eatures. If this is the case, this page will show you how to do it.

Checking your firmware version

To find out what version of the firmware you have on your micro:bit, Plug

it in via USB**, open up the **DETAILS.TXT file from the MICROBIT driver and

look for the number on the line that begins ‘Interface Version’.

# DAPLink Firmware - see

Unique ID: 9904360249624e45004a601400000027000000009796990b

HIC ID: 9796990b

Auto Reset: 1

Automation allowed: 0

Overflow detection: 0

Incompatible image detection: 1

Page erasing: 0

Daplink Mode: Interface

Interface Version: 0254

Bootloader Version: 0254

Git SHA: ec3fec91e815b1fe27cefb8bc4ffa85ca3317502

Local Mods: 0

USB Interfaces: MSD, CDC, HID, WebUSB

Bootloader CRC: 0xdb256cca

Interface CRC: 0xd0f0bacf

Remount count: 0


How to update the firmware

  1. Download the hexadecimal file to your computer from this page.

Link for the latest Micro: Bit firmware -0255:

(Note: You can download the latest firmware -025 exadecimal file by clicking the link above;  If you don’t download it here is also the latest firmware -0255 hex file in the correspondin older.)

  1. With the battery pack removed and the Micro USB cable connected t the computer, press and hold the reset button on the back of th Micro: Bit and insert the Micro USB cable into the device.

    You empower to see a driver named MAINTENANCE in the file manager.

  1. Drag and drop the new firmware .HEX file you have downloaded fro this page onto the micro:bit and wait for the yellow LED on the bac of the device to stop flashing. When the upgrade is completed, th micro:bit will reset, ejecting itself from the computer an re-appear in normal MICROBIT drive mode.

4. Finally, check the DETAILS.TXT file that is on the

MICROBIT driver and make sure that it has the same version number a he .HEX firmware that you just downloaded and flashed to the interfac hip.